Reptile Rescue Orange County - RROC

NEW! Donate Via your Ralph's / Food4Less Card !

Reptile Rescue Orange County is now linked with Ralph's/Food4Less . You can contribute every time your card is swiped at Ralph's and Food4Less .

To become a new participant, register or re-register your card at

How to activate: 
◦Go to and click the "Sign In/Register" button. 
◦Sign In or Create a new account. 
◦Go to My Account and enter your information.
◦Your club card number is on the back of your card If you do not have your card, call 1-800-660-9003 to get your number.
◦Under Community Rewards click on Edit community contribution program.
◦Enter our organization number 93447 and Reptile Rescue Orange County will appear. Click on it and save changes.

◦PLEASE, fill out the form even if you have previously registered with your old Ralph's Club Card!

OR download and print a SCAN BAR LETTER and hand it to the cashier the next time you go shopping!


That's it! Now you can start helping the Animals every time you swipe you card at Ralph's!