Reptile Rescue Orange County - RROC


Quotes Thank you so much. The kids we're so excited! Quotes
Leslie Lilo
Orange Tot Lot Preschool

Quotes FANTASTIC!!! Great Organization. Mandy knew so much native history about each animal! Thank you!!! Quotes
Jim Randerson
Had birthday party for twins

Quotes Thank you so much for involving the boys in the presentation!!! Quotes
Angela R.
Cub Scout Pack 918

Quotes RROC was awesome! I attempted to care for an ill bearded dragon and was unsuccessful. I was at a loss for whAt to do so I contacted RROC and requested them to take the beardie. They didn't hesitate at all. Thank you for giving him a chance. Quotes
sarah buck

Quotes Sam at Reptile Rescue was very accommodating and helpful. The guys who did the presentations were great with the kids and very informative. The kids K-5th graders loved all the reptiles. They especially liked petting the Boa. Quotes
Church Activities Director

Quotes You guys are ***AWESOME*** for doing what you do!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
Flor Vico

Quotes We found an abandoned red eared slider turtle at a foreclosed home. Sam and his team were very helpful and took the turtle into their care. We are sure it is in good hands. They are great. It's these rescues that need all the donations they can get for the good work they do. Quotes
Gina Gomez

Quotes You guys really know how to take care of business and the environment at the same time! Thank you so much for coming out to our event in San Juan Capistrano. It was great watching you educate the kids with all the amazing animals. Your always welcome back! Quotes
Greg Acho

Quotes I was left with my daughters pet turtle named Little turtle who was 21 years old and during my daughters life gave her a lot of pleasure.....but life has gone on and we had to part. I am thrilled to hear she is thriving there. PLEASE DONATE FINANCIALLY TO SUPPORT THIS GREAT TEAM! Quotes
Gave up "little turtle"

Quotes Hey, just wanna say I think what you do it friggin awesome!! Seriously.. there needs to be more people out there like you. Its sad that there isnt.. Quotes
Christine C.