Reptile Rescue Orange County - RROC

 Adoption Policies & Qualifications

 RROC requires a donation for animals being adopted. This fee is donated at the time of pick up.

Larger python and boa species have a MINIMUM $75 adoption fee due to cost of feeding and potential risks involved with ownership. These include reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons, African rock pythons, Scrub pythons, anacondas etc. It is required to have experience keeping and handling large snakes including proper large set ups. For large python adoptions we will do a home visit.

Red Eared Slider turtles have a $25 adoption fee. (Aquatic turtles may only be adopted by persons with outdoor ponds or large Waterland style professional turtle environments).  


                        Adoption Qualifications:

 1.) All applicants must have full time employment. (Retired persons OK)

2.)  Applicants must be over the age of 21, unless a parent is going to be the primary caregiver. Parents in these cases will have to agree to and sign an adoption application.

3.) All applicants are legally responsible to provide sufficient financial and social integration to properly care for the animal. 

4.) All applicants must be willing to properly care for an animal for the remainder of it's life, and provide all the appropriate accommodations and considerations. (No animal flippers, re-sellers, etc.)

5.) Anyone wishing to adopt an animal must be willing to email us 1-4 photos of the enclosure (cage) that the animal will be housed in. We require a picture of the entire cage, the lighting (UVB & heat light) and lid or cover on the enclosure. All pictures must be clear, and produced by yourself.

All applicants must meet with us in person and receive our approval prior to adoption.

We want these animals to go to the best homes possible, so if you come across as someone who is not socially responsible, you will not be approved.

                          (Adoption fees are non refundable)

            Adoption Applications


 We get in extra reptile tanks and accessories from time to time, and we understand school budgets are non existent at the moment, so we would very much like to help in any way we are able. We would also like to see some of these animals be used to help educate children, as long as they are given the best quality of life possible! Contact us if you are a teacher, and would like to adopt, or if you are in need of reptile supplies!