Reptile Rescue Orange County - RROC

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 At this time we are not able to take in the following animals due to space constraints:

* Iguana's

* Large aggressive monitors




* Male Bearded Dragons

* Sulcata Tortoises

                 Plea to Owners

RROC would like to stress how important it is to turn over an animal needing medical attention in a timely manner.  Too often we receive animals in that are in need of help, only to have them come in too late. We have seen a number of reptiles come in to us, and end up dying that could easily have been saved had they only been turned over a few weeks before. Waiting to the last moment may cost your animal its life. Please, if you have a sick or injured reptile, and you are unable to afford treatment yourself and are considering turning it over to the rescue, PLEASE do not delay. Timing is everything with these animals, when reptiles are actually showing signs that something is wrong, it is usually in the progressed stages of illness. Bringing them in as soon as possible gives them the best chance at recovery. Thank you.

         Relinquishing / Surrendering an animal

One of Reptile Rescue Orange County's goals is to provide exotic animals with the best care that is possible. We accept animals from individuals, shelters, state and federal wildlife agencies, businesses, in any US state as well as zoological facilities internationally.
If you have an exotic animal that you are no longer able to care for please contact us via email at
 * A minimum donation of $45 per animal relinquished ($75 for large boid and monitor species) is required as we are NOT government funded and are only able to help your animals depending on the funds available.



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